The need for an advanced, touchless infection control and sanitation system is evident in many industries.  Environmental surfaces have been overlooked as sources of cross contamination and lead to thousands of needless deaths and billions of taxpayer dollars every year. Touchless spray disinfection of Health Canada-registered sanitizers, disinfectants, and other novel compounds can be applied for various effect and outcomes.  Ideal for dayhomes and daycares, offices, clinics, residences, and schools, electrostatic disinfection protects surfaces, objects, and the air rapidly, safely, and thoroughly

Safe same day cleaning for daycares. Child safe.

Cloths and wipes drag germs from one surface to another, cross-contaminating rooms and the people within them.  Moreover, cloths and wipes can’t access all of the nooks and crannies that harbour millions of dangerous microbes.  The risk of infection through germ transfer is still very possible, and even probable.

What is electrostatic disinfecting?

How does it work?

Why is it better?

When it comes to disinfection, the electrostatic sprayer is one of the most effective and economical application technologies available!  The electrostatic sprayer takes a single drop of liquid and turns it into 900 negatively charged droplets. Upon nozzle discharge, those charged droplets seek an opposite charge (everything else in the room being relatively positive) and are attracted to objects or surfaces, defying gravity in the process. Because of this, the electrostatic sprayer is able to reach areas that are frequently missed by traditional disinfection methods, including the underside, backside and crevasses of objects that harbour pathogens.

  • Because of the ease and quickness of our treatment services, the benefits are wide reaching:
  • Safe, easy, and fast application eliminates human error from the disinfection process
  • Less down time – disinfection process from application to re-entry in 15 minutes
  • Less chemical usage due to increased transfer efficiency and uniform coverage; better for people and the environment!
  • Vastly improve your auditing or accreditation process, resulting in a less stressful experience
  • Protect your employees and patients from occupational exposure and enjoy decreased absenteeism

Automatically create a proactive environment within the space; touchless disinfection means no cross contamination!

Cleaning is THE essential first step to achieving elevated hygiene levels.  Without conscientious, physical cleaning, no amount of sanitizer or disinfectant will suffice.  Biofilms are invisible, slime-like films created by microorganisms and serve to feed and protect pathogens from chemical attack.  Only cleaners and/or disinfectants able to cut through biofilms are suitable for an industrial setting.

Our regular service includes electrostatic disinfection of all surfaces in a building – walls, curtains, appliances, furniture, air ducts, cold air returns, and furnace and humidifier filters.  Concurrently, a very large and powerful HEPA Air Filtration System is placed in the main room, removing all airborne contaminants while dry steam is utilized in areas requiring scent-free sterilization.  The result is an environment that is 100% hygienic and healthy!

If you would like more information about for your business, child care center or personal residence give us a call at 587-225-2429 or Visit our Contact Page and send in our form. Inquire about our monthly service program for documentable, affordable, and stress-free hygiene maintenance.  Eliminate the biological footprint of your home or facility, destroy odours at the source and stop the endless cycle of passing germs from one person to another!

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