Founded in 2014 by ex-Lieutenant Firefighter/Paramedic Bryan Burry, Sterilize It, was created after observing gaps in disinfection protocols for Emergency Services and assisted living facilities – deficiencies that have increased the prevalence of Superbugs and Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs). For his work towards improving disinfection standards, he was recognized as a Global Top 10 Innovator in EMS for 2015. Leveraging this recognition and formal experience with Hazardous Materials Response, Safety Codes, and Fire/EMS, a Restoration division was started in early 2016 that served the residents of Fort McMurray during the wildfire that summer and has continued in Calgary and area since.

Sterilize It was founded and operates on the same values that Emergency Services providers rely on to maintain the public’s confidence – Trust, Excellence and Teamwork. Put your faith in us to restore your property and give you peace of mind.

Smoke Restoration Crew  – Fort McMurray 2016

Innovators in EMS 2015

Bryan Burry brings a revolutionary, advanced disinfection method to North American healthcare. Read more about his innovative product and services in EMS10: Innovators in EMS 2015 PDF document that features Bryan on page 9&10.

The program has a simple mission but a powerful objective: identify some of the best innovators in the EMS industry and alert the EMS community to their achievements to help providers and patients in the future. The EMS10 innovators selection committee judged this year’s nominees on their hard work, dedication and selfless efforts in 2015 and selected the individuals or pairs they felt exhibited the innovations that can have the greatest impact on the future of EMS.

Re-think Clean

Visibly clean surfaces don’t necessarily equate to hygienic environments.  Disease-inducing pathogens, microscopic airborne particulate and toxic gases can cause illness and death without a single warning sign. Utilizing electrostatic disinfection, super heated steam, sanitizing coatings, and air filtration/sterilization technologies, Sterilize It takes property restoration to a new level by restoring homes and businesses to a better-than pre-loss condition.  Why settle for clean when you can get sterilized?

  • Canadians Who Wash Their Hands After Coughing or Sneezing 51%
  • Infections Spread by Hands 81%
  • Sterilize It Germ Elimination 99.99%