Here at Sterilize we wanted to share how our service works when we come into your home. When dealing with crisis situations such as community fires we understand that not only do you want to be in a safe environment for your family but you also want to remove any memory of the crisis that causes strong emotions such as the smell of smoke. We at Sterilize It understand the emotional tole it takes and we are here for you.

Recently we have been in Fort McMurry working with home owners to ensure they return to a safe environment using our Surface and Air Pre-Treatment. We are in and out in 2 Days with our 6-step process.

windowDay 1

1) Begin air scrubbing (HEPA) and Vaportek Restorator machines to decrease odour profile and create a safer environment for advance crews (stays running for 48 hours).

2) Electrostatic delivery of smoke eater compound to attic, ceilings, walls, HVAC system, and furnishings.

3) Exterior Pressure Washing (with detergent) of siding, soffit, windows, eaves trough if reachable, garages, sheds, elevations, sidewalks, driveway, fence.


Day 2van

4) Interior Cleaning Crew enters for top-to-bottom clean of entire structure – all vertical and horizontal surfaces, appliances

5) Steam Cleaning of all carpets, fabric furniture, and mattresses

6) Wall and Window photocatalytic coatings applied to entire home for sustained VOC removal.

Sometimes depending on the home a Day 3 sometimes is required for continued air scrubbing, etc.


Life is not always ice cold lemonade – sometimes its sour lemons. We have met some AMAZING families and survivors and it is our privilege and honor to be able to serve them in this time. If you know someone or are someone who could use our services we will be set up in Fort Mcmurry all summer long and would love to assist in making your home safe and ready for your family to return to a new type of normal. Call 587-225-2429 or visit our website!

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