Restoring Healthy Environments

Sterilize It provides services with a focus on environmental hygiene.

Cleaning Solutions

Sterilize It is here to provide a professional and rapid cleaning solutions to residences and offices efficiently and affordably.

Indoor Hygiene Solutions

For environments requiring the ultimate in hygiene, we provide a 100% chemical-free, steam sterilization of critical devices and high-contact points.

Sterilize It was founded and operated by Bryan Burry, a veteran Paramedic and ex-Firefighter/HazMat Officer after recognizing the need for sanitation services with a focus on environmental hygiene and a customer-centric approach. Bryan and his team understand the value of a rapid response to emergencies and the traumatic physical and psychological effects of property losses.


We are a cleaning company with a hygiene focus

We are committed to restoring your home or business back to a pre-loss condition as soon as possible.

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I highly recommend using this service if you’ve had a rough go with sickness. I have a dayhome, and while I love that my little people share…I could really do without sharing the germs. My own 2 kids have had a cough and runny nose for what seemed like forever. I had Bryan come on Friday morning to spray, and by Saturday morning, both of them woke up without a single sniffle. It was nice to be able to enjoy the weekend for once!

Louise N - Copperfield, Calgary